About Onyx

Onyx can bring undeniable beauty as nature's works of art into your home. Rarer than granite and marble, it brings a unique appearance to decor with one of a kind stones viewed as collection pieces. Because of its translucency, it can be backlit in countertops, bars, and backsplashes. Its gorgeous allure can boast colors of rich reds and yellows that make a lighted slab give off a warm and luxurious glow.

Using bookend slabs cut for pattern continuation and installed over subfloors outfitted with lights, hotels have built walkways with grandeur effects befitting of a palace. Commercial application of onyx has even been used in ceiling tile lights and waterfalls.

Shadow Storm Marble Kitchen Remodel
Grey Wood Marble Bathroom with Vessel Sinks

At home, your wet bar with exotic hardwood trim is complemented with yellow and cream slabs used on the bar top and supporting cabinet face. The warm light under the bar shining through the stone is enough to bring a radiance to the entire room. These translucent slabs can also be used as dividers to separate rooms, especially those with floor to ceiling windows. Because of its glass-like appearance, onyx lends itself to glass tile borders and accents. Placing it in a window backed with an exterior pane of glass would rival the most beautifully crafted stained glass.

Onyx Fire, Tiger and Fantastico provide eye-catching deep reds, whites and dark browns in complicated patterns. Smeralda slabs from Iran are highly coveted for their attractive range of blues layered between browns, greens and white tones giving the effect of looking at earth from space.

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Design Suggestions

For a more subdued look, creams, whites and gray colors can be used to create a homogeneous feel within baths and kitchens, perfect for the modern home. Some of these stones create a softer look than their cousins with their multi-colored compositions of parallel bands and varied shapes. The highly polished surface adds a clean feeling to baths appointed with walls and floors of Ivory, Super White, and Exotic Gray texture.

Available Colors

Cappuccino Onyx | Reflections Granite
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